Our Web-Design Interns

Chloe Yan

Chloe Yan is a junior at Burlingame High School, located in the Bay Area. She is passionate about bridging the gender gap in STEM, developing websites/mobile apps, and artificial intelligence. She is the Co-Lead Director at Girl Genius Magazine, where her team provides a platform for girls to discover accomplished women in STEM and connects with like-minded girls internationally.

Isha Mukherjee

Isha Mukherjee is a junior at Reedy High School in Texas. Her passions/hobbies include competitive swimming, blogging, and running her small business. She is an avid member of DECA, HOSA, BPA, and Junior World Affairs Council. She is the president and founder of Medical Insider. A platform aimed to connect aspiring healthcare workers with practicing physicians.

Sara Ros 

Sara Ros is a senior at San Marcos High School in San Diego, California. She does high school and club swim team and when she is not at practice, she is working at her job as a lifeguard and swim instructor. She is also highly active in Model UN and Girl Scouts. In addition, she is very passionate about learning Spanish because her family is from Chile and she is on her way to becoming fluent. She loves creating online graphics using Illustrator in her spare time. 

Michal Tucker

Michal Tucker is a 11th grader at School Without Walls High School in Washington, D.C. She is very passionate about STEM, particularly computer science. She is currently working on building her own organization focused on closing the gender gap in the STEM field. She also loves graphic design so she often draws digital illustrations and makes logos in her free time for businesses of her own or others.

Lydia Park

Lydia Park is a senior at Brea Olinda High School. She is part of her school's four-year GITA program where she realized her genuine interest in coding. With her coding knowledge, she hopes to be an important contribution during this web design internship. She will also be serving as Brea's Jaggo chapter president in the next coming school year, hoping to empower women in the community.

Donna Prince

Donna Prince is a senior at Dublin High School. She is strongly interested in computer science. She is currently part of her school's engineering academy and is constantly looking for opportunities that can help her learn new skills. With her love for engineering, she has taken a part in Girls Teaching Girls to Code Camp, Big Data Bootcamp at Berkeley, WAVE Built by Girls, and Kode with Klossy.