Our Team

Diya Kar is a senior at Valencia High School pursuing a double diploma in ​the International Baccalaureate and Technology Program. Diya is the founder of  JAGGO(RISE UP), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization approaching to form over 15 chapters across California and has established networks with 9 NGOs across India. Diya has built and deployed her mobile application titled MeToo India in 2018 to  assist women and under privileged victims of every background with a voice and anopportunity to succeed to the fullest extent. She is one of the few students on campus as well as in nation pursuing a dual diploma and has challenged herself in a multitude of advancement placement and international baccalaureate related courses. Academically, she is passionate in all subjects, especially the sciences.Her affinity towards the sciences and aiding mankind has caused her to conjoin her passions and take it to the next level.  She has completed







Diya Kar, Founder

multiple research internships at some of the nation’s top research facilities like Mount Sinai Hospital, City of Hope, Western University, and University of California Irvine Research Program to gain exposure to hands-on work in the molecular/neuroscience/biomedical research fields. She has produced a research paper titled “Management of Migraine Headaches through Web Based Technology under University of California Irvine, published in PubMed. Aside from research,  Diya has also led and participated in many other service-related initiatives including serving as the president of Key Club, CO-FOUNDER of a 501(c) 3 organization known as  HealthLoop , and treasurer of a self-made club titled Build. Both organizations strive to make the world a better place by working towards the common goal of assisting/ educating children with illnesses  or those who are underprivileged through value added initiatives such as donations, fundraisers, and hands on service projects. Diya has been selflessly serving the community during her high school years and has accumulated 1000 service hours thus far. In her free time, Diya loves to practice the discipline of martial arts (taekwondo) which she has been for the last 8 years, meanwhile mentoring other students at the do jang. Diya  is is excited to see Jaggo continue to expand its horizons locally/ globally. 

Aditti Patel is a junior at Valencia High School. In school, Aditti is involved in the International Baccalaureate program and technology program. She is a part of numerous different organizations that range from political and social activism to economics. Some examples of the organizations she is a part of are Economics Education Initiative, GenZHer Magazine, the Lilac Blog, Cliche Teen Journal, and Factivists. In addition to that, Aditti has co-founded her own non profit called Breakthrough MAPS which helps alleviate education disparities in her area. When she’s not doing those things, she loves to hike and has danced for the past 7 years. Alongside that, she loves to spend time painting or driving down to the beach to watch the sunset. Aditti is passionate about business economics and hopes to become a corporate lawyer in the future. Another thing Aditti is passionate about is giving back to her community. Aditti is the Vice President of Jaggo for this term and through her role she aims to do pursue her passion of giving back. She plans on helping out the community in any way she can by helping the board organize activities and events to highlight the causes Jaggo cares about.

Aditti Patel, Vice President

Lauren Van Auken is a junior at Canyon High School, where she is part of the International Baccalaureate program. She loves chemistry and competes on her school’s science Olympiad team. Lauren also enjoys learning new languages and speaks Spanish and Japanese. In her free time, Lauren likes to play tennis, play the piano, and watch kdramas. She also likes to bake cupcakes and cookies to share with friends. She has two dogs and 15 chickens. After going on a medical mission to Vietnam last year,  Lauren realized she is passionate about helping others and wants to do more for the global community. Lauren is interested in going down the Pre-Med route in the future and hopes to continue to gain hands on experience within the field, meanwhile providing others with endless opportunities through service projects. She hopes to help Jaggo bring awareness to women in need through her duties as secretary. 

Lauren Auken, Secretary

Juliette Moore, SP Coordinator

Juliette Moore is a rising senior at Valencia High School. For the past three years, she has been very involved in her school’s athletics program, participating in the volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and track teams throughout her three years at Valencia. She is also involved in the National Honor Society and the International Baccalaureate program at Valencia. Through her athletic endeavors, particularly baseball, Juliette became extremely interested in the idea of women’s empowerment and hopes to bring her firsthand experience to assist Jaggo’s mission of women’s empowerment across the globe. Additionally, she aims to create unique opportunities for Jaggo to get involved in the global community through various service projects and fundraisers. In her free time, Juliette is an avid moviegoer and enjoys visiting the cinema with her friends and family. 

Jamie Weisel is going to be a senior at El Dorado High School. She is involved in her marching band as a clarinet section leader as well as President of her Key Club. Jamie has done many service projects within her Orange County area, but is looking forward to focusing on helping impoverished women. She is passionate about increasing the amount of women in STEM fields as well as improvements in public healthcare. As one who has worked hands on with creating fundraisers/ service projects to benefit children who suffer from a variety of disorders, she has the experience to do the same for Jaggo. Overall, she hopes to bring organization, leadership and a great attitude towards serving other women in our community with Jaggo.

Jamie Weisel, Treasurer

Annika Lee, Publicity

Annika Lee is a upcoming senior at Valencia High School where she is a part of the Val Tech program and the school’s dance team. Aside from being Jaggo’s publicist, she is also president of the Valencia Red Cross club and helps host many blood drives on campus. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her dog, Mochi. In her free time, she also loves to dance, bake, hike, and utilize her creativity and graphic design skills to illustrate creative posts for our social media posts! Annika hopes to manage our instagram, website, linkedin, and other social media platforms to best of her ability by advocating for our mission in an appealing manner. She hopes to help Jaggo expand globally and benefit our community, especially during this pandemic.

Tanaya Jog, Editor

Tanaya Jog is a sophomore this year at King High School! Some of her aspirations and ambitions are to aid those in need and make a positive impact on women communities. She truly wants to help women rise up and highlight the importance of mental and physical health. As a current intern for the Department of Psychology at UCR, she strives towards a greater societal recognition of mental health.A little bit about her; She loves swimming, dancing, and hiking. As Bulletin Editor, she hopes to conjoin her creativity and passion for serving the community to create interactive newspapers that are not only informative, but also are visually appealing.

Kaylee Chun, Outreach Coordinator 

Hello! My name is Kaylee Chun, and I will be a junior this year at Hillcrest High School! I am passionate about helping my community, and I love to volunteer, therefore, I’m excited to be part of Jaggo. As the Outreach Coordinator,  I will be able to positively help the female community in various ways! Fun facts about me are that I love fashion, my favorite color is lavender, and I love both Chinese and Mexican food!