Our Sub-organizations 

Hi! I'm Charlie Bautista. I’m 15 years old and an incoming Grade 10 student from the Philippines, serving as Jaggo PH’s chief of finance. I love dancing and writing as I express my emotions and thoughts through these. I also enjoy cooking and baking and I'm about to open my online bakery business. I have a huge passion for learning from who I call my inspirations and using what I have learned to teach even more people. These passions have motivated me to continue making an impact to our society and educating the rest of the community. I am also a huge advocate for women empowerment and raising more awareness about the mental health of the youth. As a part of Jaggo, I aim to reach even more girls and become an inspiration to them to keep using their voice, to continue finding and using their passion to create an impact to our society today and remind them that they are never left unheard. 



Hi!! I am Liv Dy Tiapco and I am 14 years old! I will serve as Jaggo Ph’s head of logistics and program this year. I am an incoming sophomore in my high school. I am driven and motivated by my passion to make a change and make a positive impact in society. I’m an advocate for gender equality, ocean recovery & restoration, and the betterment of the underprivileged children. I want to empower young women and girls to take pride in being a woman and not be ashamed of their bodies. Fun fact: I love to express myself through music and I am a movie fanatic !!

Hello! I'm Jada Bautista. I'm 15 years old, incoming grade 10 from Manila, serving as Jaggo PH’s art director and executive. I'm an artistic sports enthusiast, mainly in gymnastics, skating, and aerial activities. I run a graphic design brand and utilize my artistic skills in creating various content for several organizations in hope to bring about sustainable change to society. I love understanding people along with discovering new languages and culture. I make this possible through creating connections by listening to stories of those in other sectors of the community. With the right team and genuine mindset, I aim to gather a growing circle of like-minded girls who have a constant drive to serve and lead. FUN FACT!! I am very fond of Leonardo DiCaprio HAHA



Hi! I’m Jeyann Abundo, I’m 14 from the Philippines and I’m an incoming sophomore! I’m Jaggo PH’s editor-in-chief. I’m into astrology, writing, and cooking/baking. From an early age, I’ve always wanted to be a catalyst for change. I’m very passionate about helping others and I’m extremely motivated to empower women to be their best and to achieve their dreams, which is why I decided to be a part of Jaggo.

Los Angeles

Hi! My name is Sara Maity and i am the founder and president of the Jaggo sub-organization in LA. I am a sophomore at Laces high school. At my high school i am in the national honors society, on the varsity track team, and am the president of the club roots & shoots which helps people, animals, and the environment. My main motivation for starting a jaggo sub-org is to empower and help woman who are impacted with social, emotional, physical and any other kinds of trauma. Besides jaggo, i am a competitive figure skater! i have been skating since i was three years old and love the sport! As part of Jaggo, i want to help empower women and create gender equality. (:



Hi!! My name is Jasmine Lam and I am an upcoming sophomore at Laces High School. In school, I am a part of the Roots and Shoots club, which, like Jaggo, is helping me to achieve my goal of giving back to the community. I am especially excited to be part of this sub organization of Jaggo because empowering women is crucial, yet is often overlooked by many. Alongside involving myself with Roots and Shoots, I am a setter on my school’s varsity volleyball team. I am also a passionate equestrian


Hi, my name is Laura Miller and I will be a sophomore at Laces High School in the upcoming school year. Aside from being the secretary for a sub organization of Jaggo, I am a part of the Laces Roots and Shoots group and national junior honors societies at my school. I am a part of the girls waterpolo team for Laces and enjoy art. As an important member of our sub-organization of Jaggo I am so excited to help promote female empowerment in my community. In my free time I also enjoy watching TV and spending time with friends.


Hi I'm Kate Misher and I am the treasurer of Jaggo! I'm a sophomore at LACES and involved in Roots and Shoots, LACES outreach, and the tennis team. Outside of school I partake in activism groups such as the National Youth Leadership Council, Team Enough, and Freedom Writers. I'm passionate about making a real change in the world which is why I'm being a part of Jaggo! Some of my passions include playing the drums and art. I love spending time with my friends and family as well. I can't wait to get started and I hope you will join too!

New Jersey

My name is Sneha Patibandla and I am a rising junior at John P. Stevens High School In New Jersey! I am so excited to be the Jaggo New Jersey State President and am looking forward to continuing to empower women around the world. Through being involved in many community outreach organizations as well as having leadership positions at school in areas such as the JPS Theatre Company, I have learned just how important it is for women to have a voice and to have the opportunity to change the world. Coming from an Indian background I found it even more prevalent for me to get involved after seeing the outreach Jaggo has spread towards girls and women in India through the NGOs they have worked with. I'm looking forward to growing Jaggo NJ and being a part of the change I want to see in the world! 





Hi! My name is Sharon Pan, and I'll be one of the Vice Presidents for JAGGO NJ! I'm going to be a junior at John P. Stevens High School in Edison, NJ this year. Regarding school, I am part of my school's newspaper, Odyssey of the Mind club (I was on the same team as Sneha), and marching band. I also try to be part of the community in any way that I can, from volunteering at the local Chinese school to assisting at the senior center. During my spare time, I tend to read books, go on walks, or draw. I'm always up to help people, and I can't wait to work with everyone on this mission! Fun fact: I'm a huge cat person. I love cats! =^•ㅅ•^=

Hi! My name is Tia Sarkar and I'm the Secretary of Jaggo New Jersey! I'm going to be a junior this year at John P. Stevens High School! I'm so excited to be a part of this organization, fundraise for events, and raise awareness of the problems women face over the world. I love helping and meeting people, whether it's in my school or my community. Other than JAGGO, I'm involved in Student Council, FBLA, and HOSA. Some fun facts are that I love to dance, cook, eat (of course), and hang out with friends!

Hi, my name is Krishi Patel and I am going to be a junior at John P Stevens High School. I am really excited to be a part of the Jaggo NJ Board and hope to make a change as being treasurer. Being a part of Jaggo is a very important privilege to me and I hope I can fulfill my role as treasurer and make a change in society and in the lives of impoverished women. Other than Jaggo, I am a part of the Edison Save the Children Club and HOSA New Jersey. Aside from participating in these clubs, I love to read in my free time and create ceramic pottery. I also enjoy a long bike ride, playing badminton in the open outdoors, and watching Netflix. By participating in Jaggo New Jersey, I hope to earn excellent leadership skills and learn more about the lives of women across the world while also helping them gain a stronger voice in their society.

My name is Nikita Shinil and I am a junior in JP Stevens High School. I am interested in pursuing a career in computer science and hope to bring more inclusivity to the STEM field. I believe that Jaggo’s mission is both innovative and impactful as we strive to bring new opportunities for women all around the world, especially in India. As Head of Journalism, I hope to create and publish articles that will bring awareness to the issues many women face everyday. I look forward to working with the members of Jaggo to grow our organization and give a voice to those who do not have one! 


Sub-Organization officers page will be updated once provided with the information for each newly started sub-organization including officers, facts about the new officers, and each of their goals for the 2020-2021 term.