Who Are Our Members?

We are a nonprofit organization run solely by high school students. High school students around the globe collaborate with one-another to strive towards the common goal of empowering women. Our members lead their own initiative in fundraising and coordinating local service events, but also participate in several NGO events such as workshops, seminars, and trailhead sessions.


Virtual Members


Odessa Julienne E. Rebaya( Graphic Designer) 

Zamboanga, Philippines

Mandy Feuerman( Graphic Designer)

Florida , USA


Simran Kaur( Graphic Designer)

California, USA

Tobi Kalejaiye (Graphic Designer)

Ottawa, Canada

Navya Tyagi (Graphic Designer)

North Carolina, USA

Bonita Wankhade( Graphic Designer)

California, USA

Eilene Koo( Editor)

Michigan, USA

Afua Siaw( Journalist)

New York , USA

Sam Kliss( Journalist)

California , USA

Hima Sineni( Fundraising Coordinator)

Virginia, USA

Jasroop Dhingra( Director of Outreach)

Pennsylvania , USA

Trisha Bhardwaj( Editor)

Tamil Nadu , India

Ellin Kim ( Director of Outreach)

Maryland, USA


Anu Prasad (Editor)

New Jersey, USA


Ioannes Pauleen R. Salamanes (Journalist)

California, USA

Isadora Li( Journalist)

Minnesota, USA


Anoushka Tanwar (Director of Outreach)

New Delhi, India


Vaishnavi Madagiri (Director of Outreach)

Virginia, USA

Smriti Jasti( Fundraising Coordinator)

Texas , USA

Roma Arora (Director of Outreach)

Virginia, USA

unnamed (7).jpg

Saumya Gangwal( Fundraising Coordinator)

West Bengal, India

Saba Ali (Fundraising Coordinator)

Texas, USA

Tisya Mukherjee (Fundraising Coordinator)

California, USA

Ann Ding (Editor )

California, USA

Jennifer Mendoza (Graphic Designer)

Georgia, USA

Layla Walia Graphic Designer)

New Jersey , USA

Brooke Rowland (Graphic Designer)

Texas , USA

Chandu Chengalvala (Graphic Designer)

Indiana , USA 

Megha Ramani (Graphic Designer)

California , USA

Mansi Bhatt Graphic Designer)

New Jersey , USA

Lena Lee(Graphic Designer)

Illinois , USA

Shivani Kinare(Graphic Designer)

New York , USA

 Alina (Editor)


Diya Gopinath (Editor)

Karnataka, India

Priya Kodati (Editor)

New Jersey, USA

Simi Edeki (Editor)

Delaware, USA

Rhea Kalluri (Editor)

Virginia, USA

Katrisse Mendoza (Editor)

California, USA

Tanya Singh (Editor)

Chandigarh, India

Sarah Francis(Editor)

New Jersey, USA

Ojasvi Joshi(Editor)

North Carolina, USA

Lelah Shapiro (Editor)

California, USA

Gracy Bhardwaj (Editor)

New Jersey, USA

Xyris Santos (Journalist)

Manila, Philippines

Seemi Zameer (Journalist)

Arizona, USA 

Mahalaxmi Some (Journalist)

Illinois, USA 

Alain Rostomyan (Journalist)

Vienna, Austria 

Shahd Roshdy (Journalist)

Cairo, Egypt

Bea Bolongaita (Journalist)

Ohio, USA 

Kereme Irem Pickali (Editor)

Samsun, Turkey

Usri Palchaudhuri (Editor)

West Bengal, India

Ioannes Salamanes (Journalist)

California, USA

Tania Lokesh (Journalist)

New Jersey, USA

Praguni Kumar(Journalist)

West Bengal, India

Harsha Agarwal(Journalist)

West Bengal, India

Palak R Kale (Journalist)

Karnataka, India

Jessica Tsvetanova(Journalist)


Nethali Padmaperuma (Journalist)

North Carolina , USA

Aastha Metha (Journalist)

Delhi, India

Risha Chaurasia (Journalist)


Sofia Magbanua(Journalist)


Melu Woldu (Journalist)

North Carolina, USA

Roma Arora (Director of Outreach)

Virginia , USA

Anandita Jha(Director of Outreach)

New Jersey , USA

Asmaa Hadir (Director of Outreach)


Aasha Yeluri (Director of Outreach)

New Jersey, USA

Katy Gerber (Director of Outreach)

California , USA

Swastik Kundu (Director of Outreach)

West Bengal, India

Jayden Reyna (Director of Outreach)

Texas, USA

Sejal Goyal (Director of Outreach)

Texas, USA

Sadhika Mulugari(Director of Outreach)

California, USA

Nafisha Yeasmin(Fundraising Coordinator)

New Jersey, USA

Isabella Estrada

California, USA

Ami Shah (Fundraising Coordinator)

Ontario , Canada

Olivia Ruffalo (Fundraising Coordinator)

Illinois, USA

Trevor Nguyen (Fundraising Coordinator)

Texas, USA

Shamailah Haque

New Hampshire, USA

Chelsea Dong

California, USA

Stacy Dong

California, USA


New York, USA

Vrinda Chhatrapati

California, USA

Banan Garada

Illinois, USA

Helena Kwon

California, USA

Smruti Rao

New Jersey, USA

Sanika Godbbole

New Jersey, USA

Tara Moore

California, USA

Olivia Li

Virginia, USA

Mahnaz Saiyed

California, USA

Hosna Adel

California, USA

Alina  Sheihk

California, USA


Virginia, USA

Hannah Troung

California, USA

Pulokita Chaudhury

West Bengal, USA

Remainder of members span across 30 sub-organizations and high school chapters across the globe ranging from California, USA to Manila, Philippines.