What is Our History?

Jaggo was founded in 2018 by Diya Kar with the mission to aid women in need from her origins, India. 

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Words From Our Founder

Growing up hearing my parents detail to me the socio-economic disparities amongst different genders in India, sparked an interest within my mind from a young age. Being inquisitive about the situations women endured caused me to think about how to contribute in a positive manner. With these sentiments in mind, I have been undertaking several initiatives that will address such situations that I have always been concerned with.


After engaging myself in computer science classes during early high school years and exploring with the practical utilization of coding, I conjoined my interests to devise a mobile application. With the ongoing #METOO movement, I got inspired to build an application which will help victims by leveraging a social network in India. This application is known as MeTooIndia.

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After volunteering within women shelters in the outskirts of India, I established Jaggo as a nonprofit organization in 2018. During this time I continuously interacted  with 9 NGOS in India and conducted web seminars through video conferencing to educate handicapped children/women on how to take advantage of technological resources such as social media to campaign for their organization. 


Furthermore, I expanded Jaggo globally in 2020 by opening up high school chapters across the states and sub-organizations across 5 continents. These branches have a common goal to aid women in various shelters. As a non profit organization, we engage by conducting fun activities, fundraisers, and creative service projects. 

How Our Logo Came About

The logo was designed to illustrate the significance behind Jaggo through imagery and short blurbs. Jaggo signifies “Rise Up” in the founder’s native language, Oriya. Rise Up not only sums up what women can do with Jaggo’s guidance, but also any community which faces the repercussions of stereotypes. The sun that surrounds the words symbolizes a “ beginning of good things” and “ the start of a new day/chapter”. Jaggo aims to provide women who have suffered forms of abuse or discrimination with a fresh start and uplifting messages which truly embodies the characteristics of a sun. The helping hands within the sun represents the difference small non profit organizations make in their local/ global community. Our main color, pink depicts compassion, feminism and tenderness. By being compassionate and standing up for the cause of feminism, Jaggo can aid thousands of women across the globe.


Our logo was designed by one of our talented web design interns, Sara Ros from San Diego, California. Conjoining her passion for graphic design, and serving the community, she was able to convey Jaggo’s message within a logo.