Our Chapters

Valencia High School

President & Founder: Diya Kar

Diya Kar is the founder and chapter president of Jaggo. She is a senior at Valencia High School. Her motivations behind founding Jaggo circulate around the real life situations she has witnessed of women being torn down mentally and physically within the local villages of India she is from. Aside from Jaggo, she is heavily involved in community service based projects including being involved in key club within the division/ district level. Fun fact about her is that she is obsessed with boba, specifically Sharetea. This year she aspires to conduct creative and meaningful service projects, meanwhile raising funds through fundraisers to create care packages and finance women based shelters within our local and global community. She knows COVID 19 has taken a toll on many lives and the situation is certainly unprecedented. However, she has so much faith in this organization. Together, we can unify our voices and defeat gender stereotypes once and for all!! Please remember, she is an email, text, or EVEN phone call away. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even just need someone to talk to.

El Dorado High School

President: Jamie Weisel

Jamie Weisel is going to be a senior at El Dorado High School as treasurer of the NPO and president of her chapter.  She is involved in her marching band as a clarinet section leader as well as President of her Key Club. Jamie has done many service projects within her Orange County area, but is looking forward to focusing on helping impoverished women. She is passionate about increasing the amount of women in STEM fields as well as improvements in public healthcare. Overall, she hopes to bring organization, leadership and a great attitude towards serving other women in our community with Jaggo.

Trabuco Hills High School

President: Suhani Pawar

Suhani Pawar is an incoming sophomore at Trabuco Hills High School. She is the president of the Jaggo chapter at Trabuco Hills. Not only does she enjoy volunteer work, such as Jaggo and volunteering with her Girl Scouts troop, but she also participates in on-campus clubs including Trabuco’s Science Olympiad team. She enjoys music and plays both the piano and the violin. Apart from Jaggo, she takes part avidly as a board member for her school’s MUN program. A fun fact about her is that her favorite ice cream flavor is rose. She got involved in Jaggo to help correct the gender bias both in the local Orange County communities and abroad in countries such as India. She looks forward to helping women in big cities in India, such as Mumbai (where her family is from) and in small villages as well! She responds right away to emails and text messages, and is always happy to help! She would love to hear your input or ideas for the club and is always happy to hear from you.

Northwood High School

President: Yuvika Sathapathy

Yuvika Satapathy is a sophomore at Northwood High School in Irvine, CA. She tries to help the underprivileged by donating and spending time with them. When she visits India, she packs food and snacks for an orphanage center and serves it to them. Seeing a smile on their face from something like getting food fills with her happiness. Realizing that a lot of kids around her have more than what they need, she hopes to get herself and her friends more involved in the community by donating and helping make an impact on the world by starting a chapter of Jaggo at her school. Through Jaggo, Yuvika hopes to really talk and help the women who have been abused and torn down. During these tough times due to COVID-19, more women are successible to domestic violence and abuse, and she hopes to voice her opinion to them and help them! Fun fact: Yuvika loves to dance and play tennis and has been doing so since a young kid. She is on her high school tennis team and works hard with private lessons from Indian professionals for dance. Teaching little kids dance has been her dream since she was a kid, and has come true since December! She is so excited and happy to start a chapter of Jaggo at her school and finally make a difference.

La Mirada High School

President: Natalie Constantine

Natalie is a rising senior at La Mirada High School serving as chapter president. Outside of school, she is a competitive gymnast and a Key Club officer. Her passions include gymnastics, giving back to the community, and taking care of the planet. Through Jaggo, she hopes to raise awareness of helpless women and other minority groups as well as to inspire others in her community to build a more positive environment in our society.

Brea Olinda High School

President: Lydia Park

Lydia Park is a rising senior attending Brea Olinda High School, serving as Brea’s chapter president this coming school year. Already passionate about women empowerment, especially due to the lack of girls involved in the STEM program, Lydia looks forward to helping high school girls encourage each other and other women on a global scale through Jaggo. Lydia is currently involved in BOHS’ four year GITA program and Lady IT, teaching code to young girls at local elementary schools. In her free time, Lydia enjoys eating, reading the Bible, bullet journaling, and watching kdramas. In the future, she hopes to combine her coding skills with her interest in criminology and shoot for a career in law. Within that career, Lydia is determined to fight against the society’s injustice towards individuals.

Canyon High School

President: Lauren Van Auken

Lauren Van Auken is a junior at Canyon High School, where she is part of the International Baccalaureate program. She will be serving as secretary of the NPO and president of her high school chapter. She loves chemistry and competes on her school’s science Olympiad team. Lauren also enjoys learning new languages and speaks Spanish and Japanese. In her free time, Lauren likes to play tennis, play the piano, and watch kdramas. She also likes to bake cupcakes and cookies to share with friends. She has two dogs and 15 chickens. After going on a medical mission to Vietnam last year,  Lauren realized she is passionate about helping others and wants to do more for the global community. Lauren is interested in going down the Pre-Med route in the future and hopes to continue to gain hands-on experience within the field, meanwhile providing others with endless opportunities through service projects. She hopes to help Jaggo bring awareness to women in need through her duties as secretary and chapter president. 

King High School

President: Tanaya Jog

Tanaya Jog is a sophomore this year at King High School! She serves as the NPO Bulletin Editor and chapter president. Some of her aspirations and ambitions are to aid those in need and make a positive impact on women communities. She truly wants to help women rise up and highlight the importance of mental and physical health. As a current intern for the Department of Psychology at UCR, she strives towards a greater societal recognition of mental health. A little bit about her; She loves swimming, dancing, and hiking. As bulletin editor and president, she hopes to conjoin her creativity and passion for serving the community to create interactive newspapers that are not only informative, but also are visually appealing.

New high school chapters include Oxford High School, Monroe High School, Bridgewater High School, Chino Hills High School, Mission Viejo High School, Laces High School, Riverside High School, 10 chapters established through Pennsylvania sub-organization, 3 chapters through Los Angeles sub-organization, and 2 chapters through Phillipines sub-organization.