Our Impact

Our Motivation

Jaggo aims to build a sense of awareness in supporting the helpless individuals who are socially, emotionally and physically impacted by various events in life and need guidance through a difficult journey. We hope to build a positive environment across the world through the digital application our founder has developed, MeToo India, and the establishment of personal connections with victims of forms of abuse meanwhile supporting NGOs within India. Locally, our work involves donations, fundraisers, and hands on service projects to aid women in crisis shelters and empower women to rise up. We believe it is our duty to use our voice for the voiceless in order to make a lasting impact within our communities.

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Our Mission

A team of high school and university level students across the globe unite to defeat women disenfranchisement. Since 2018 we have collaborated with over 20 NGOS in India, coordinated 15 partnerships with local NPOS, aided victims of abuse through the MeToo India application, and 2000+ dowloaded of the MeToo India application. We currently are a team of 1000+ established in 5 continents, 14 countries, and 25 US states. With over 30 high school chapters and sub-organizations, and 15 trailhead sessions with NGOS virtually, we are able to make a lasting impact on the women community. 

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Throughout the past two years, Jaggo has collaborated with over 20 NGOS within India to collaborate with victims of abuse and impart our wisdom on how to address their personal complications. During our trips to India, it was truly a rewarding experience to see the smiles on the face of the women’s lives we touched and at this point I realized even a minimalistic effort from a high school student can change the world. We realized our privilege and decided to put that privilege to use by aiding the women who don't have it. From then on, we began to open up Jaggo to other high school students and allow them to start their individual chapters at their local high school. With the guidance of Jaggo's executive board and continuous meetings, each chapter will be able to provide their own insight, experience, skills, and motivations to the table to help Jaggo expand and succeed

NPO Information

EIN: 85-1266729

Legal Name: JAGGO INC

​On Publication 78 Data List: Yes

Form 990-N (e-Postcard): Yes

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