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  • Column: Ignorance is Fatal

    Have you ever pondered upon the fact that in every STEM-related workforce, it is just a mere coincidence that men dominate it? How come when we walk into the doors of a doctor’s office, dentistry, IT companies, corporate businesses or even clinical labs, we are greeted with the face of a male. Though our nation has developed in terms of women’s progression, there is still an abundance of men within the STEM field and little to no women. Our nation has some inherent flaws at its roots......

  • Influence did not make you Invincible

    Enthralled by panoramic views of Cairo’s skyline, the glistening Nile River and the Pyramids under a beautiful, clear sky, on the 21st of February 2014, attendees at the TeaDance 13th Edition event were having a blast. As each attendee enjoyed themselves to the fullest, a night most described as “unforgettable”, none were aware of the heinous crime occurring mere moments away in a secluded hotel suite......

  • Fast Fashion and Wage Slavery

    There is that old saying, usually attributed to Yves Saint Laurent: "Fashion fades, style is eternal".Fast fashion brands may not design their own clothing to last but as artifacts of a peculiarly consumptive era , they will definitely become a better part of fossil record.When looking at large-scale issues rooted in unjust systems, few stick out quite as well as fast fashion. Fast fashion is a predominantly female industry that subjects numerous of its workers to wage slavery through sweatshops.These wage slaves face serious health risks through their labour in the unsafe and unlawful working prerequisites of unkept sweatshops. To understand what fast fashion does to its workers, it is important to first understand what fast fashion is in itself......

  • AOS's Response to Senator Yaho

     On July 23, 2020, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a riveting speech on the House floor in response to insults thrown at her by Senator Yoho of Florida. She has been praised by both parties alike for her speech and powerful message on sexism. However, her story could’ve played out very differently. Had it not been for her incredible delivery and careful word choice AOC’s speech would’ve been written off as an emotional outburst, losing its true message. 

  • The Gender Wage Gap

    Although research suggests that companies with women in higher positions are more organized and perform better financially, there is still an astounding gender gap. Human capital is being wasted and female talent is being underused because of the lack of women in leadership positions. While men and women make equally good leaders, many Americans believe that men have a better shot at obtaining leadership positions in business and politics. It is important to understand what causes the gender gap in order to close it.

  • Why are we Ignoring Our Girls?

    In early March Wesleyan cross country athletes and alumni published an open letter to call out the mistreatment they faced during their time as student athletes. The issues surrounded the common intense diet culture of the sport. Their coach, John Crooke, held ‘fat talks’ where he collected and reviewed food diaries, then told them to lose weight and reduce their caloric intakes. He claimed that losing weight would make them run faster. Athletes taken to these meetings were instructed to not tell others about them.  

  • Education Inaccessibility for Females

    Around 132 millions girls around the world are out of school. Predominantly within third world countries, millions of girls don’t have access to education whether it’s because of absurd child marriage rates or ingrained cultural ideas of sexism. According to UNICEF, 34.3 million girls lack even basic primary age education. 

  • The Forgotten Battle: Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking has been an ongoing issue in Asia that hasn’t gotten the mainstream attention it needs. Human trafficking is most prevalent in India and is a large contributor to Asia’s large trafficking rates. The 2014 Global Slavery Initiative (GSI) index reported that Asia itself makes up for nearly two-thirds of human trafficking victims and with 71% being made up women and girls, there is a clear gender disparity in human trafficking. Asia is a clear victim of high trafficking rates with India, China, and Pakistan leading the world’s ranking highest on human trafficking.

  • Performative Activism

    The age of technology brings with it a new wave of societal pressures teens feel the need to adhere to. One of these pressures is the expectation to post on social media about issues such as Black Lives Matter, in order to appear genuine. Performative activism is done in an attempt to gain personal clout and often without true intentions to further movements’ goals.