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Our mission is to empower women to RISE UP. Our top priority is to provide women of every race, ethnicity, and background with a voice and an opportunity to succeed to the fullest extent.

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To be involved, become a member at your local high school chapter/ sub-organization or open your own sub-organization/ chapter. By becoming a member, you are eligible to participate in local fundraisers and service events as well as participate in NGO workshops. More details are available @ our get involved page.


We are a 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organization that serves to empower women in a multitude of ways. We are a charitable organization that prioritizes aiding those within are community that are in need.


For more updates on how to stay involved, please follow us on instagram at @ jaggo_org. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email contactjaggo@gmail.com or dm us. We are more than happy to address concerns as we serve to establish an open platform.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the communities and organizations that originally inspired her to start Jaggo are in desperate need of funding to support women and children in need. Jaggo is partnering with Bliss Car Wash to raise the necessary funds to create a lasting impact on the communities in India. In order to raise the required funds, we want to reach as many people in the community as possible and we hope that you would be willing to participate. If you are interested in supporting Jaggo aid women communities within India, please come out to support us from July 28 to August 3.  We sincerely appreciate your involvement in our mission. 

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Founder's motivations behind establishing Jaggo

COVID 19 Advice/ Awareness

7/28 Webinar with 30 NGOS from India

Testimonial from NGO in India( ISERD)

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